Sake Tasting Weekend – the last one in 2018

The last sake tasting in 2018 – 15th and 16th December –

I won’t be able to do for a while after this one, so if you are interested in sake tasting, please book!
Send email to

You will be tasting three different sake with some food sampling for matching suggestion.
Don’t worry, sake alcohol is only around 15%, so just a bit higher than wine, and you won’t get drunk!
$25 per person

Sake is made from rice and water, and very clever microbes!
I’d like to introduce this beautiful and delicious drink from my country!!

Booking is essential, so please don’t forget to book.
Send email to
Group is ok of course, but probably not a big one.

Wine tasting as usual, and check out the new art exhibition by Lana Grant.
You may find wonderful Christmas present!!