My Thoughts are with Japan especially today 11.3

4 years ago today…. couldn’t find if my friends and families are safe.

Phone call fail, email not replied, couldn’t reach anyone in Japan for more than one week.


I fell in love with a beautiful town – Shiogama Miyagi in Northern Honshu while I was living and working as one of sake making team at Urakasumi for 18 months in 2009 and 2010.

I was back in Australia by then, but the earthquake and Tsunami hit that area.

One of friends I have made in Shiogama, her birthday is 10th of March.

I didn’t forget, was going to ring her but didn’t.

Next day, it was happened, and I couldn’t find if she was safe.

I regretted that I didn’t say happy birthday to her.

I later found she was safe, and helping by offering her place as a shelter for others in extremely difficult conditions.


Life is hard in many different ways to each person.

But we need to remember to live with no regret, appreciate this moment and keep challenging.

Life is only once.

Always look at bright side of life, as Brian said…..

I hope some of you will visit Shiogama one day.

It’s such a spiritual beautiful town.