Charity Film Screening To Support KUMAMOTO (Japanese film with English Subtitle)

Hope you are warm enough and not wet.

We had 28 mm rain over the weekend, and it is still raining, with wind, very windy today.

Water is essential for our life, and rain is such a great present from the sky. It would be great to have rain only when we need it, but this is nature and not happening unfortunately.

So, we have to live with this unexpected weather. Leaving a bucket out side to collect more water? having a short shower? Save water for unexpected event……

Unexpected – earthquake is one of then.

There was a big earthquake in April in Kumamoto Japan. Totally unexpected, and it was so big.

Many people died, damaged houses, infrastructure, and still many people are living in temporally houses. Even aftershocks are scaring people there, yes still getting them.

If you are in Sydney on the Sunday 17th July, and if you are interested in Japan, and movie…. would you like to go and watch movie?

This actually helps affected people and area in Kumamoto. Small Forest is helping a little…..

Please click below link, hope you can join.