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Next sake tasting

Finally announcing the date of Sake Tasting. 14th and 15th July, 10 am to 4 pm. Please book advance, sending an email to Hope to hearing from you!

Wine Club

Dear Wine Club Member, It’s time for the delivery soon. We’ll pack selected wines for this season for you, but let us know if you would like particular wines in this delivery. We are happy to pack as you like, so let us know by next Saturday 16th June. Not the member yet? Why not…

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Flowers in the cellar door – NEW EXHIBITION

Yes, it’s May and started new exhibition. May and June is by Local artist Maude Butta. She has done last year in January, and this is her second exhibition at Small Forest. This time,she draw so many bright and colouful flowers! Makes me very happy!! There are few here for you, but make sure visit…

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日本の皆様へ、イベントのお知らせ J

日本の皆様、こんにちわ。 日本は、ゴールデンウィークですね、いかがお過ごしでしょうか? さて、すごいイベントです! 来る5月3日に二子玉川で、スモールフォレストと美味しいお料理が楽しめるイベントがあります。 フードジャーナリストの、小松宏子さん(小松さんについては、ページの最後にご紹介しています)自らがお料理を作って、スモールフォレストと合わせてくださいます😍 シャルドネ、バデーロ、シラーズロゼ、シラーズ オレンジ、シラーズの5種の飲み比べが出来ます。 それらのワインを引き立てる小さなおつまみを、ハンターバレー直送のオリーブオイルやコンディマン(調味料類)のほか、タスマニア産のスモークサーモンや粒マスタードを使用して、家呑みワイン会にも役立つものばかり提案してくださいます。 当日は私もビデオレターでワイナリーとセラードアをご紹介します。 加えて、ゲストソムリエが世界的にも注目の高いオーストラリアワインの魅力も解説してくださいます。 料理製作は小松宏子さん自ら担当します! 当日はワインの販売もいたしますので、ふるってご参加ください。 凄いですね・・・とっても楽しそうです。 日時:5月3日(木)16:00〜18:00 場所:co-lab 二子玉川 CATALYST BA 東京都世田谷区玉川2-21-1 二子玉川ライズ・オフィス 8F co-lab二子玉川 参加費:3,500円 主催:小松宏子 *参加のご連絡はkom.hiro@nifty.comまでお願いいたします* 以下、小松宏子さんについてです。 祖母が料理研究家の家庭に生まれる。広告代理店勤務を経て、フードジャーナリストとして活動。各国の料理から食材や器まで、“食”まわりの記事を執筆している。料理書の編集や執筆も多く手がけ、『茶懐石に学ぶ日日の料理』(後藤加寿子著・文化出版局)では仏グルマン料理本大賞「特別文化遺産賞」、第2回辻静雄食文化賞受賞。

upper hunter wine and food affair

12 months seems quicker than I thought😅 Upper Hunter Wine and Food Affair is only next week, on the Saturday 5th May this year. Hope you are ready! As you know, this event is the BEST STREET PART!! and you will have so much fun. Wine, food, live music, and attraction etc,. and there are…

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sake tasting

Hi everybody, There have been many inquiry but finally I’m doing. The first sake tasing in 2018 😅 19th and 20th April You will taste three different sake with some food sample for suggestion of matching. Please book advance for number of people, time you would like to do by email to This is…

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More addition to the cellar door

Another addition to the cellar door. Nihonshu – Japanese Sake written by Gautier Roussille Click this  and find out more about this book and Gautier. I met Gautire at the 2012 IWC – International Wine Challenge Sake judging. He was just finished sake making in Japan….. same as myself, he is a winemaker, interested in sake…

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Easter Long Weekend

The cellar door opening day and hours are ….. Good Friday – Closed Easter Saturday – Open Easter Sunday – Open Easter Monday – Open As usual, 10 am to 4 pm. Enjoy beautiful view from the cellar door, sit back with glass of wine. You are more than welcome to bring your own lunch…

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Hong Kong base TK – Tasting Kitchen Magazine E/J

There is an article about Australian Wine in TK33 published in January. Please see below magazine. “Meet seven of Australia’s most innovative wine influensers”. written by Lucy Morgan. p.110 – 119. This is my first article in Hong Kong base magazine, and humble to say but I am one of them with other great winemakers!…

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