More addition to the cellar door

Another addition to the cellar door.

Nihonshu – Japanese Sake written by Gautier Roussille

Click this  and find out more about this book and Gautier.

I met Gautire at the 2012 IWC – International Wine Challenge Sake judging.
He was just finished sake making in Japan….. same as myself, he is a winemaker, interested in sake and he did!

There were only two winemakers did sake making those day, so there is a special bond in between us.

He is making wine in France, I am making wine in Australia and catching up every year at IWC sake judge!

It was written in French originally, but now available in Australia $34.50 at my cellar door.
If you are interested in Sake and wonting to know more… this is the one of great book.
I am pretty sure this is the only book written by winemaker!