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online shop is currently not working

I am terribly sorry. The online shop is currently not working! If you would like to order wine, please send email to with wine and how many bottles street address with phone number I am terribly sorry. It may takes sometime to get back to normal, but will be fixed some stage. Thank you…

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Sake Tasting Weekend – the last one in 2018

The last sake tasting in 2018 – 15th and 16th December – I won’t be able to do for a while after this one, so if you are interested in sake tasting, please book! Send email to You will be tasting three different sake with some food sampling for matching suggestion. Don’t worry, sake…

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オーストラワインの新しい情報ウェブサイトのご紹介 J

みなさんこんにちわ。 今日は、新しいオーストラワインの情報がたくさんの新しいウェブサイトをご紹介しましょう。 VINOVATA ビノベータ こちらのリンクからご覧いただけます > VINOVATA 今年6月から始まったサイトで、様々な地域のワインの紹介をしています。 Small Forestも他の素晴らしいワイナリーに仲間入り、昨日インタビューを受けました。 そして、ただ今、女性ワイン醸造家の特集でも取り上げて頂いています。 こちらからどうぞ > 女性ワイン醸造家の特集 大きな国オーストラリアから生まれる様々なワインを、これからもたくさん発信してくれます。 楽しみですね。 イベントなどの企画もしているので、時々チェックして下さいね!

Another Weekend is here

I feel like 2018 was just started not long ago… but it’s NOVEMBER already. How’s your 2018 so far? Did you achieve something you wanted? Is anything you want to do in next two months? 2018 is only less than two months to go now, and [ 🤫 ] is just around the corner. I…

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Let’s meet at Denman Farmers Market this Saturday

Hi everybody, It’s getting warmer(I should say “hotter”) and dryer again. Please take care, drink lots of water and ………wine. Tomorrow is the first Saturday of month, and Denman Farmers Market! See you at the market 8 am t 12 noon, there will be lots of local products 🙂 The cellar door will be open…

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New exhibition and sake tasting

Sake tasting is this weekend, 20th and 21st. 2 sake and Umeshu this time 😉 $25/p I’ve used Umeshu before, and that was very popular, so I’d like to show you again. It’s not Sake, but really nice liquor made with Ume (Japanese plum), and I’m pretty sure you will love it. Also, great summer…

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October sake tasting

Hi everyone, Just announcing October sake tasting date. 20th and 21st of October. $25 for 3 sake with food sampling (could be $30 for 4 sake, but haven’t planed detail yet). Please book advance by sending email to Or, if you have Facebook account, you can book through as well. Look forward to hearing…

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long weekend

The cellar door will be open all this long weekend, Saturday, Sunday and Monday – 10 am to 4 pm. The current Exhibition by Benedicte is now extended until 7th of October, so you have two more weekends. I really recommend to have a look it’s a vibrant, colourful and fun exhibition. And, on Monday…

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do you instagram? E/J

Too many social media and can’t keep up! As you are reading this, I have the website. And, Facebook which only if you have account can see. Same to Twitter…. do you tweet? Now, it’s not new anymore, but Instagram….. do you use it? Some people may noticed I am more using Instagram than other…

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anyone missing a earring?

Just need to let people know we have a pair of earring found on the floor. Please contact us if you are here and missing a earring recently. Have a great weekend 🙂