Busy Bee – new exhibition

I am delighted to announce this new exhibition. I’m actually very excited!

Art….. we see everywhere not only created by human.
Nature is one of them, sometime even doesn’t last a second, sometime last hours and I love finding, witnessing and appreciating all those unexplainable beauties.

Those pure and absolute beauty of art speak something to you, and melting your heart.

This exhibition is something like that.
Pure, innocent, happiness, vibrant and honest…..

New Exhibition “Busy Bee” by Benedict Farr, 3 year old.
She created the majority of the work whilst at day care, locally in Denman.
Her mum with her background in architecture & design, loved the expressive movement & colours in all her paintings, painted over 2 years.

Visit the cellar door and have a look, feel the full of happiness!