August Sake Tasting

Hi there!

Next month, August, the weekend of 18th and 19th is another sake tasting!
Many people are interested in, but not all of you can schedule unfortunately.

So, I am trying to do these two days again.
Hope I can see you this time… or see you again! (Some people already booked! Aren’t they efficient!! )

Next time, I have these three sake, and one more…. thinking at the moment…

Throw question to me, I will try to answer.
AND, don’t forget that I have book for sale “Nihonshu” if you want to know more about sake.

Please book advance, email to

Sake have ony around 15% alcohol, so don’t be afraid to taste.
After sake tasting,  have a rest with cheese platter, and then you can taste wine…. or which ever you want start with 😁

You are more than welcome to bring your own lunch if you purchase glass or bottle of wine… or Sake!
Hope you have a great weekend with sake tasting.