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The Magnificent Seven

Experienced and skilled people’s jobs are always look easy….. They have been working all day from early morning in this heat. Two buds are grafted on each vine. One more day to go…..   there are buds on each stick   cut each bud in pieces with very sharp special tool   look at tiny…

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Been waiting for you!!

Sticks are here!! 4,575 sticks, all Chardonnay, 3 different clones have arrived!! Sticks are submersed under the water, so it doesn’t start to burst! Keep cool in the cellar, and will be grafted next week.    

Can’t explain with words….

Caro String Quartet concert was just fantastic, so beautiful. We’d like to share this moment with you next year.      

Caro String Quartet Concert – TODAY!

Join this fantastic opportunity this afternoon 3 PM at the Muswellbrook Regional Art Centre. Ticket is $20. There might be some surprise …..

It’s sort of “Laptop”, you love to open :)

What is on my lap? One of my great friends Will Studd and Bob Hart’s new cooking book “MELT” has arrived. “MELT” is available for sale at the cellar door from tomorrow 🙂  $24.95

Ticket is now $20 for this Sunday !!

The Number One – Caro String Quartet is this Sunday at the Muswellbrook Regional Art Centre, starts 3 PM. The ticket price have been reduced to $20!! Please come and enjoy great music, and taste my Rose! Hope to see you there 🙂

You are safe with us :)

A mum and a joey, just next to the vineyard, only 20 m from us! You can tell they are pretty happy with us.

More flower !!

Chardonnay is now flowering. How do we feel? Of course very excited!! It will be full flowering next week in this weather.

It’s flowering!!

As you see it on the front label of wine, Wisteria is very important thing at Small Forest. It was planted about 4 weeks ago. It looked settle in new place without hesitation. There will be extended shade during hot season in future. Hope they grow strong and healthy.