A set of four books from Japan

A set of four books – written by the great Japanese winemaker Mr.Asai.
He was a winemaker, he was a leader and educator, he was a challenger, he was tough, he was thoughtful, and he was one of people I inspire.
Yes, he was – still is.
He passed away when I was working for Rosemount Estate in Upper Hunter.
I had a trip to NZ with him in 1999, had a wonderful time visiting wineries and vineyards.
For re-publishing these four books, the publisher asked people who had great friendship with him to write memoir of him – 33 people.
It is humble to say, but I am one of them.
Thank you Asai san. You made us to think about what wine is, what winemaking is and what we need to think about as a winemaker.

Thank you Asai-san.
And, thank you Mr. Sato from the publisher Shuhan News.


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