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NEW ADDITION – tumi-isi E/J

So happy to introduce this beauty to everyone, I fell in love at first sight. This is “tumi-isi” from Japan, and available from Easter! Made from the wood of Yoshino Cedar and Cypress grown in the Yoshino region of Nara Prefecture, with natural colouring and courting. The light that is made from the many sides is…

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New Exhibition started! E

Bit of rain change a lot! Last week, we had 31mm, and already see things are bit better than before the rain. Slightly green around and, even something started in my veggie patch! Now, new exhibition started from this Saturday. Sienna Cronin, 12 year old 😉 This exhibition is until the end of April, so…

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日本のお客様へ J

こんにちわ。日本のお客様にご案内です。 ワインはどこで買えるのか?紹介されたワインショップにワインが見つからない、というご連絡が度々ありました。 いろいろなサイトで販売されておりますが、下記のサイトもご確認ください。 オンラインショップ 日本は春らしさがここそこに見られるようになったのではないでしょうか? まだ寒い日もあると思いますが、もう直ぐ春ですね。 それでは、また。

Food and wine – Newcastle Herald Weekender

Very sorry it’s been a while, been busy for vintage obviously as you know it. No news is Good news, and this IS really good news that I have to share with you 🙂 Daniel Honan – wine journalist visited me the other day. We had a look ferments, tasting and talking etc,. and wrote…

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日本でのお問い合わせ先😊 J

皆様こんにちわ👋🏻 こちらは今、収穫真っ最中です! Small Forest は、日本でもご購入いただけます。 2014ヴィンテージのものから日本に少量入っております。 ワインショップ、デパート、レストラン等でお取り扱いいただいております。 お問い合わせは、代理店のヴァイ・アンド・カンパニーまでお願いいたします。 大阪府豊中市宮山町1丁目7番地5号 本社 Tel:06-6841-3553 Fax:06-6841-7221 東京 Tel:03-3779-2123

Premium Japan に記事が載りました J/E

プレミアム・ジャパンというウェブサイトをご存知でしょうか? My story is published on Premium Japan 🙂 プレミアムジャパンは日本のプレミアムな情報を発信するウェブサイトです。 日本の美しさ、ライフスタイル、食、旅、温泉、日本酒、おもてなしの心、職人の技など、世界に誇れるメイドインジャパンの魅力が満載です。 私たち日本人はもちろん、外国人のお友達やお知り合いにも、是非お勧めしたいウェブサイトです。 そのプレミアム・ジャパンの海外で活躍する日本人のページでご紹介頂きました。 下記のリンクからご覧いただけます。 PREMIUM JAPAN Beautiful website “Premium Japan”. Full of interesting content, beauty of Japan, premium “made in Japan” products, information, and experiences…. There are Japanese, English and Chinese pages, and you will definitely love this website. I would like to recommend not…

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2018 Vintage has commenced!

Happy New Year everybody! As you know I have been quieter, the vintage has started already! No rain, we need rain, even this time of the year, we don’t mind getting some rain. Started 10th January, picked Chardonnay!! It’s bit earlier than last year. Fruit is ripe, clean, beautiful flavour and it’s in the tank,…

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Almost the end of 2017 and New Exhibition in 2018

2017 is getting closer to the end, and bright 2018 is coming soon! Our Cellar Door is open on the weekend as usual. 23rd / 24th and 30th / 31st Jess’s photo exhibition is here until the end of this year, so please come and have a look before disappear. And, new exhibition from January…

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New Release

Hi everybody! I know it’s been too long since update this page. And, few news for you. 2016 Chardonnay has been released from this month. This is made from the first crop of new Chardonnay which we grafted in 2014. It’s subtle, but excellent and elegant Chardonnay. Also, long waited Upper Hunter Shiraz 2016!! This…

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Sydney Wine Festival 14th and 15th

Hi everybody, Sydney Wine Festival is next weekend at Rosehill Racecourse, Sydney. Small Forest hasn’t been to big wine festival, and this is the first time coming to Sydney! There will be many wineries, food and live music on these two days. Buy ticket advance, so walk straight to the festival! Click this link to…

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