Dirty, sleepy, wet, hungry, panic, tired, sweaty, stress, sticky everywhere, drama (not always good thing) etc, etc….
And, feeling lonely sometime especially late night or early morning and tired.

But I am not alone because I know someone in somewhere is doing exactly the same as what I am doing.
We are all doing the same thing, in different countries, regions and wineries, every year😁

Tasting fruit in the vineyard, checking Baume (sugar content), and checking weather forecast using many different apps on mobile sooo many times a day!!!

And, when I have great fruit, makes me so happy, but gives me pressure at the same time which I kind of like.

My first vintage was in 1987.
Skipped few vintages but made “sake” in Japan instead, also had few vintages in one year few times.

Every year is different, never been the same even in the same vineyard. You had bad weather, fire, mistakes (only few😉), regret, leaning a lot every year.
And, remind you, you won’t see “the” great fruit so often.

Chardonnay has been pressed and now its juice in tanks, see what I can do.
It is very exciting.

“Sleepless in Denman” has started………