Caro String Quartet 4th annual concert on this Sunday!

It’s time again, and I am so excited to be with them in this space.

Musicians loved playing at this cellar door. Yes, at the cellar door – just a shed – that was my concern.

But after the concert, they absolutely loved playing at the cellar door.

They said that’s because “this is a private space, and this is all about what the chamber music.”

I believe everybody was here on that day felt the same feeling as I did.
Can’t explain how wonderful be in the same space with them.

This year, they are performing works by RAVEL, PIAZZOLA and more, and I’m sure there will be very familiar one for you too.

I really can’t wait to see them again, and submerse myself into their sound.

Ticket is available, but please book.
Call 02 6547 2699 or email to
$40 per person, including wine, soft drinks and finger food.

Hope I will see you then.