Another Weekend is here

I feel like 2018 was just started not long ago… but it’s NOVEMBER already.
How’s your 2018 so far?
Did you achieve something you wanted?
Is anything you want to do in next two months?

2018 is only less than two months to go now, and [ 🤫 ] is just around the corner.
I know…. so I won’t write it here, everybody know about it.

Anyway, we have been having wonderful opportunities for the gallery.

Dave Cronin is current exhibition, but will be finishing the end of this month, so please come and have a look.

And, I have already booked the gallery until January 2020!!
I’m surprised myself 😅

Now, next month, December and January 2019’s exhibition is by Lana Grant.
Lana is a lovely local artist and photographer. She specialises in graphite drawings.
You can have a look what she does by clicking below links.

She is so excited having her exhibition at the Small Forest cellar door, and I am sooooo excited too🥰
Lana G Creative

The weather is lovely, cool night and not too hot during day.
We’ll be waiting to see you at the cellar door.

We have new cellar door pet, and you may be able to meet him/her (not sure yet 😜)