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Wild Life here on Merton Vineyard

There are always wild life here on the vineyard. A young Kite was enjoying bath just front of the office window yesterday. We keep water in the bird bath for you, and you are welcome anytime 🙂

This Easter Long Weekend

Easter Weekend!!! We CLOSE Good Friday, but OPEN Easter Saturday, Sunday and Monday. See you soon 😉

Something about the label

  As you already know, the design uses Wisteria flowers, and the motif of my family crest so happens to be Wisteria. I hadn’t envisaged using any drawing on my labels, however, this design really stood out from a selection of ideas presented by the graphic designer who came highly recommended to me Alarna O’Connell.…

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What is is ?

Yep, it’s Egg yolk ! We use egg white for fining red wine and this pretty egg yolk is left over !!

My Thoughts are with Japan especially today 11.3

4 years ago today…. couldn’t find if my friends and families are safe. Phone call fail, email not replied, couldn’t reach anyone in Japan for more than one week.   I fell in love with a beautiful town – Shiogama Miyagi in Northern Honshu while I was living and working as one of sake making…

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Hey! where are you Denman?

Deepest and thickest fog this morning. Couldn’t see Denman!! Definitely Autumn is on it way…..

Heeeee, HAIL !!!

That was sever storm, but lucky didn’t get big damage… Obviously, leaves are bit “holey” looking but they are ok! Few more months to hang around before go to sleep 🙂    

Don’t need to worry, they are doing very well !!

Chardonnay Children haven’t been forgotten or neglected at all. They are nearly 4 months, week 16 and already matured Chardonnay now! Look at how thick and brown they are!                        

Work hard! Grasshopper!!

Chardonnay – nearly dry Rose – inoculated Shiraz – getting dry May be I should start some paper work before over load.