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Chardonnay Children Week 34 !!

It’s been 34 weeks since a tiny buds are introduced into this Merton Vineyard. They have been growing up nicely and it’s sleeping now in cold winter here in Upper Hunter NSW. And of course, we are pruning while they are sleeping…..


This is a “Pad” after filtered 2015 Rose  made from 100% Upper Hunter Valley. The wine will be appearing soon.

A set of four books from Japan

A set of four books – written by the great Japanese winemaker Mr.Asai. He was a winemaker, he was a leader and educator, he was a challenger, he was tough, he was thoughtful, and he was one of people I inspire. Yes, he was – still is. He passed away when I was working for…

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Announcement – ご報告です!

Dear our friend, particularly who are in Japan. Small Forest Wine is now available in Japan. Please contact to “Vai and Company” for more information. 2014 Orange Rose and 2014 Orange Chardonnay are available. Small Forest Wineが日本で販売になりました! 詳しくは、”Vai and Company” (ヴァイ・アンド・カンパニー)までお問い合わせください。 2014 Orange Rose と2014 Orange Chardonnayの二種類が入りました。 皆様、どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

Ms. Roxy

13 year old in this July, Ms Roxy is Golden Retriever. She found a pallet and lying on it, spontaneously. Is it good enough? Can I go through customs…?

2014 Shiraz Orange

Finally, 2014 Orange Shiraz is in bottle. After travelling from the tank in the winery  to the other winery by tanker for bottling, wine is little disturbed and need a little rest. 2014 Orange Shiraz will be at the cellar door from next weekend – 23rd and 24th May. Thank you for your patient 😉…

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Almost there!

Many of us have been waiting for this moment will be coming shortly. 2014 Shiraz is on the way to bottle. Shiraz from Orange NSW 2014 was very early vintage. Picked on the 13th February. Yes, it was very early for Shiraz in Orange. Fruit was very beautiful and very clean, so I had cold…

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Hi, how are you doing?

You may have thought what has been happening for last few weeks, not seeing any update on this page. It’s been very busy and just got back to normal (still busy) routine. We were at Upper Hunter Wine and Food Affair last Saturday in Denman. No rain – few drops, bit of nice wind and…

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No Sake tasting for next two weekend

Hello everybody, Unfortunately, sake tasting is not available on this weekend and following weekend. It will be back on 3rd of May as usual. We are sorry if you already have plan to do it, but won’t be long. See you soon 😉