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long weekend

The cellar door will be open all this long weekend, Saturday, Sunday and Monday – 10 am to 4 pm. The current Exhibition by Benedicte is now extended until 7th of October, so you have two more weekends. I really recommend to have a look it’s a vibrant, colourful and fun exhibition. And, on Monday…

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Busy Bee – new exhibition

I am delighted to announce this new exhibition. I’m actually very excited! Art….. we see everywhere not only created by human. Nature is one of them, sometime even doesn’t last a second, sometime last hours and I love finding, witnessing and appreciating all those unexplainable beauties. Those pure and absolute beauty of art speak something…

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Flowers in the cellar door – NEW EXHIBITION

Yes, it’s May and started new exhibition. May and June is by Local artist Maude Butta. She has done last year in January, and this is her second exhibition at Small Forest. This time,she draw so many bright and colouful flowers! Makes me very happy!! There are few here for you, but make sure visit…

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NEW ADDITION – tumi-isi E/J

So happy to introduce this beauty to everyone, I fell in love at first sight. This is “tumi-isi” from Japan, and available from Easter! Made from the wood of Yoshino Cedar and Cypress grown in the Yoshino region of Nara Prefecture, with natural colouring and courting. The light that is made from the many sides is…

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New Exhibition started! E

Bit of rain change a lot! Last week, we had 31mm, and already see things are bit better than before the rain. Slightly green around and, even something started in my veggie patch! Now, new exhibition started from this Saturday. Sienna Cronin, 12 year old 😉 This exhibition is until the end of April, so…

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Almost the end of 2017 and New Exhibition in 2018

2017 is getting closer to the end, and bright 2018 is coming soon! Our Cellar Door is open on the weekend as usual. 23rd / 24th and 30th / 31st Jess’s photo exhibition is here until the end of this year, so please come and have a look before disappear. And, new exhibition from January…

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Caro String Quartet 4th annual concert on this Sunday!

It’s time again, and I am so excited to be with them in this space. Musicians loved playing at this cellar door. Yes, at the cellar door – just a shed – that was my concern. But after the concert, they absolutely loved playing at the cellar door. They said that’s because “this is a…

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This month

Interested in Sake? I have been seeing everybody smile when they tasted sake! Yes, it is delicious 😀 In September, sake tasting is only on the 9th Saturday. Please contact if you would to do. 2nd Saturday – Denman Farmer’s Market 8 am to 12 noon. 2nd Saturday – starts new exhibition by Trevor!…

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New Exhibition

Almost September (where 8 months gone?) and our cellar door will be renovating time😁 Ha ha ha, changing art!! From 2nd of September, Trevor Sutton will be exhibiting his art until 28th of October. About the exhibition, please click below link. Read more Also Caro String Quartet 4th Annual concert is on 10th. Seat is…

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Young Artist 😄

Just so cute ☺️ New exhibition started. An inspiring young artist …. well done Odelle ☺️👏 Please come and have a look. This exhibition will be until the end of August.