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Hunter Vintage 2019 – Newcastle Herald

I really have to share this great article about the vintage in Hunter. Newcastle Herald, written by Daniel Honan who knows the industry well. This is the link, and I recommend to everybody to ready this if you are involved Australian wine. Newcastle Herald ← click this link I finished whites, Chardonnay clone 548 is almost…

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2018 Vintage has commenced!

Happy New Year everybody! As you know I have been quieter, the vintage has started already! No rain, we need rain, even this time of the year, we don’t mind getting some rain. Started 10th January, picked Chardonnay!! It’s bit earlier than last year. Fruit is ripe, clean, beautiful flavour and it’s in the tank,…

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Few frosty and icy morning lately. It’s cold but beautiful, getting out early and have a look around. I liked spider webs are so pretty. That morning was just like had snow, white everywhere and beautiful. And, these are Chardonnay, before and after hand pruning.

The Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice – Shortest day in a year. It was foggy yesterday morning, heavy dew, and sunny day, typical Winter in Upper Hunter. But, it is not cold as usual. I should say not yet. We eat Pumpkin, Konnyaku (made from Konnyaku potato, rubbery texture, and we say it cleans your intestine), and have…

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It is time again. Bud burst – the most advanced block of Chardonnay – not long to become whole vineyard from brown to green carpet. Now I start to count how many days I have time to do this…and that …. and that….. Christmas is not included on my list…. New Year, may be.. sorry…

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It’s Winter and it’s Pruning time :)

It’s winter and pruning time! There are so many things to do during Winter. Pruning is the biggest job, but there are much more things to do preparing for Spring and Summer. Here are few photo what we have been doing.