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Thank you JapanEzy for the article. Probably you all know about me, but just thought to update recent news. Always nice to know someone is interested in what I do and what I have been doing. But this time, I am very interested in this JapanEzy website! There are so many information about Japan, and…

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News, News!

Have you seen Hunter Valley News or Muswellbrook Chronical?Muku and Toni have been on both recently! Hunter Valley News < click this linkMuswellbrook Chronicle < click this link Also, their videos have been on their FB page as well, not so much about my wine…. but that’s ok😜 Absolutely hilarious, and you will laugh 🤣Imagine,…

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Hunter Vintage 2019 – Newcastle Herald

I really have to share this great article about the vintage in Hunter. Newcastle Herald, written by Daniel Honan who knows the industry well. This is the link, and I recommend to everybody to ready this if you are involved Australian wine. Newcastle Herald ← click this link I finished whites, Chardonnay clone 548 is almost…

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Pen Magazine International

Just would like to introduce beautiful web magazine – Pen International Magazine There is my story, article on it at the moment. Pen Magazine International   ← click this link It’s written in English and French. There are so many interesting stories as well as photo. By the way, all of photo on my article is taken…

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ご紹介いただきました vinovata – website

クリスマス、ボクシングデーも済み、食べ疲れ、飲み疲れ、笑い疲れ?でしょうか? みなさんそれぞれに、クリスマスを過ごしたことと思います。 さて、以前ご紹介したオーストラリアワインのウェブサイト、こちらでご紹介いただきました。 年明けの3日には、ロゼ祭りでSmall Forest のロゼをお楽しみいただけます。 みなさん、どうぞお出かけください!

日本のお客様へ J / to Japanese customer

日本は寒くなってきたことと思います。 こちらは夏。過去2〜3年と比較すると、少し気温が低いです。 と言っても、30度台後半ですので、十分暑いですね。 1月になると40度超えの毎日がやって来ます。 暑くて、サラダくらいしか食べるものがない! 中華そばとか、そうめんとか、冷やししゃぶしゃぶとか、冷奴とか、かき氷とか、うなぎとか・・・ 考え始めると、夏の美味しい日本の食べ物が恋しくなるので、この辺でやめておきましょう。 2018年最後になりましたが、ニュースレターのご紹介です。 間も無く2018年も終わります。 皆さんにとって、今年はどんな年でしたか? 今年もいろんなことがありました。 悲しい別れや新たな出会い、新しいことへの挑戦、もちろん諦めることもありました。 クリスマスももう直ぐ、そして大晦日。 最後まで、良い年となりますように。

The new article – Japan Times E/J

Hope you are having great Winter weekend. It was -5℃ this morning!! It was freezing, but warmed up quickly, the day was beautiful and hope keep continue to beautiful night with lots of starts! There is an article about me on Japan Times. Click here to read. Thank you Anna the journalist 🙂   日本はあなり暑くなているようですが、いかがお過ごしでしょうか?…

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Hong Kong base TK – Tasting Kitchen Magazine E/J

There is an article about Australian Wine in TK33 published in January. Please see below magazine. “Meet seven of Australia’s most innovative wine influensers”. written by Lucy Morgan. p.110 – 119. This is my first article in Hong Kong base magazine, and humble to say but I am one of them with other great winemakers!…

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Food and wine – Newcastle Herald Weekender

Very sorry it’s been a while, been busy for vintage obviously as you know it. No news is Good news, and this IS really good news that I have to share with you 🙂 Daniel Honan – wine journalist visited me the other day. We had a look ferments, tasting and talking etc,. and wrote…

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