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Merry Christmas to you!!

Thank you for your support and a part of the beginning of this journey. Have a lovely Christmas. Cheers 🙂  

This week Opening hour

The Cellar Door will be Open 24th Wednesday    10 am to 5 pm Christmas Day – Close 26th Thursday    10 am to 5 pm 27th / 28th Weekend      10 am to 4 pm.    

So Delicate

We may have been mistaken about Cheese. Have you really concentrated on the taste of Good Cheese? Flavour, aroma, taste and texture, these are all very delicate. Surprisingly, Our just released 2014 Chardonnay complements amazingly well with any kind of cheese. We have Local Cheese, as well as imported cheese at the cellar door now…

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2014 Chardonnay

is bottled !! From this weekend, 2014 Chardonnay is joining “cellarmate” 2014 Rose.

Amazing Recover – Chardonnay Children week 7

Chardonnay Children are tough and strong. Most of kids are very well, but some were burnt in 47’C heat, and some were broken by strong wind. But….look at this, new buds!!! It will come up shortly 🙂

Chardonnay Children Week 6

Children are growing! growing!! growing!!! There are so many shoots from just only ‘ONE’ bud! Some are long enough to wrap around the wire, almost touching each other. There are some damaged shoots by strong wind, but they won’t give up! Be strong! We are watching you 🙂

Chardonnay Children week … wow! almost 5 !!

They are nearly 5 weeks old now. The temperature reached 47’C last week which was little too hot for little one. We have few damaged buds, but kids are tough and want to grow!! You can see little new buds from the damaged shoots. In this heat and dry condition, most of buds are like…

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Chardonnay Children Week 3

Children are doing very well. Some are quick, some are slow. Many of shoots have flower buds too! They are having drink today, just a little.    

Hello and Welcome !!

It’s been two weeks since Chardonnay buds were grafted. Look at them now! There are already moving!!  

SAKE – Japanese Traditional Alcohol Drink

Hello everyone! Hope you are having great weekend. Weekend left a bit now, but something very exciting program will be on the air TOMORROW NIGHT! Fox TV Lifestyle Food. 20:30. Will Studd traveled to Japan with chef Tetsuya Wakuda, and uncover secrets of Sake. Visited 4 breweries, north to south, introducing sake, explaining complicated…

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